West Sussex Bowls League Past Winners

West Sussex Bowls League Finals and Presentation 2016 - Photo's online courtesy of Martin Gilbey

  Div 1
Div 1
Runners Up
Div 2
Div 2
Runners Up
Div 3 Champions Div 3
Runners Up
PC Cup Champions PC Cup Runners Up Bottom End Trophy
2016 Chichester A Norfolk A East Preston A Pulborough Bognor B Maltravers Chichester Aldingbourne Middleton
2015 Tarring Priory A Chichester A Crablands Pagham Pulborough Tarring Priory B Chichester East Preston Norfolk B
2014 Worthing A Southbourne East Preston A Worthing Pavilion C Storrington Petworth Worthing Pavilion Tarring Priory East Preston B
2013 Worthing Pavilion A Chichester A Worthing Pavilion B Aldingbourne Worthing Pavilion C Field Place Tarring Priory Norfolk Middleton
2012 Worthing Pavilion A Tarring Priory A Lancing Crablands Witterings Marine Gardens Worthing Pavilion Arundel East Preston B
2011 Chichester A Worthing A Worthing Pavilion B Arundel Lancing Worthing B Worthing Norfolk East Preston B
2010 Chichester Norfolk A East Preston A Storrington West Tarring Worthing Pavilion B Worthing Pavilion Crablands Tarring Priory B
2009 Tarring Priory A Petworth Bognor Regis Southbourne Aldingbourne Pagham Tarring Priory A Arundel Tarring Priory B
2008 Worthing Pavilion A Chichester Worthing Crablands West Tarring Norfolk B Worthing Pavilion Chichester Middleton
2007 Chichester East Preston Petworth Arundel Wittering Worthing Chichester Hotham Tarring Priory B
2006 Tarring Priory Chichester Norfolk Crablands Pagham Maltravers Norfolk Pagham Wittering
2005 Worthing Pavilion Chichester Norfolk Petworth     Norfolk Petworth Field Place
2004 East Preston Tarring Priory Arundel Southbourne         Norfolk
2003 East Preston Tarring Priory Storrington West Tarring         Hotham
2002 Tarring Priory Chichester Hotham Aldingbourne         Storrington
2001 Tarring Priory Norfolk Crablands West Tarring         Aldingbourne
2000 Chichester Norfolk Aldingbourne Hotham         Pagham
1999 Worthing Pavilion Chichester Middleton Pagham         West Tarring
1998 Worthing Pavilion Chichester Aldingbourne            
1997 East Preston   Storrington            
1996 Hotham   Middleton            
1995 Worthing Pavilion   Pulbourgh            
1994 Chichester                
1993 Worthing Pavilion                
1992 Worthing Pavilion                
1991 Worthing Pavilion                
1900 East Preston                
1989 East Preston                
1988 Worthing Pavilion                
1987 East Preston                
1986 East Preston                
1985 East Preston